Durak online game rules


Basic rules

1. a round consists of a maximum of 6 beats 2. when player is puting a card, he will give all the cards he have in hand otherwise the turn is going to next player 3. if a player takes home the other players he can give up to 6 cards maximum

Setting places

In the description it says that there is no winner in Durak card game, to be integrated in the game for money, Vatra Jocului game will set the player places in the order they were out of playing cards, 1 place is for user who finished all cards, 2 place for the second user;


!! At 3 inactivities in a row 7 in total and player is removed from the table and occupy the last position of active users in the game.
Inactivity - the user does not act in time to make a move.
During the game if a player is inactive then run these: 1. when the player must put the first card on the table: * do not put anything and will go the next player 2. when the player must beat: * is set to take the cards home and other users will give him cards that are on the table 3. when the player is not the one who should put card and no one to beat: * put "PASS" for this player
!!! If the user was removed from the game, the game will continue with the remaining active players (in case it remained just a player will finish 1st and finish match).

The maximum time allowed for a game

When game time expires players places will be determined by the following criteria: 1. users who have already finished the game 2. users who have completed the cards in the current round 3. users that the cards have a better percentage (points per card) 4. users who have more trump cards 5. users with fewer cards 6. users with less inactivities 7. places that have not been set, will be set based on order of registration at table


Durak online description



Durak card game is one of the most widespread and most loved games in the former Soviet space. In Durak can play from 2-6 players. In this game there no are winners, meaning the game consist in getting rid of all the cards in hand. The loser is the player who stuck with playing cards in hand when all other players or already discarded their cards and in the deck is nothing.
!!! La Vatra Jocului brought some corrective in Durak rules to be integrated into the service for online games.