Belote online description



There are many myths about the origin of Belote. Belote is a game that would have been imported from the USA by Netherlands diamond sellers. They started the game with the French traders in cafes in Paris in the early twentieth century.
Another myth claims that Belote is a game of pure French origin. A F. Belot is the inventor of: this should be established first rules of the game, heavily restored later ... The only problem with this story is that there is no historical evidence or official documents to prove that Mr. Belot existed! Whatever how it appeared, Belote, he appears at the beginning of the twentieth century. Even today it is considered considered "a card game of the people" who really developed between the two world wars.
What is certain is that the game Belot and processing lasted years and today is one of the most popular on the internet. A version that we know and that is very close to the original can be found here on the site.


Belote online game rules


When a player gets "-100"

1. If during a game did not gain any points. 2. If you have 3 Bolt. 3. If it goes to trump, but you have other cards in hand and the player who played did not go with trump in current game. 4. If you have trump,have a color card that is on the table, but put a different color card.


Declaration may be shown only in the first rotation of playing cards when player is turn to put the playing card on the table. If a player has multiple combinations he can show them all. For each player they are displayed in the panel. After they were done the calculations are shown only those who go. Pentru comoditate cartile sunt aranjate dupa culori si in ordinea cresterii puterii lor. Each declaration must be shown separately, select from the list available.